Paula Dupraz-Dobias

Paula Dupraz-Dobias is a freelance investigative journalist and news and documentary producer with over 30 years of experience in all forms of media in Europe, North America and South America. She is based in Switzerland, but regularly travels for work to Peru and the United States.

CNNMoney Switzerland

Pioneering cleantech firm says patience is key for investors

Ten years ago, two researchers from ETH Zurich developed Climeworks, a firm specializing in extracting carbon from the air. Experts now say that technology is essential for keeping global warming under control, together with carbon reduction measures. Climework's CEO and co-founder Christoph Gebald expects a global carbon tax by 2030, which will help cover the high costs involved. "Classical VCs are not interested in what we are doing since it is a very long term venture," he told Paula Dupraz-Dobias. But the company has found backers among a number of wealthy, forward-looking individuals in Switzerland.
CNNMoney Switzerland

"Blue collar" victims in trade war between "big guys", says ITC head Gonzalez

As the United States and China begin a tit for tat on tariffs, Arancha Gonzalez, executive director of the International Trade Center, tells CNNMoney Switzerland that developing countries will have the most to lose. "Protectionism does not protect anyone," affirms Gonzalez. Just back from Kigali, Rwanda, where a historic continental free trade agreement was signed on Friday, March 23, the ITC chief says African leaders were proud of their achievements but confused that developed countries were now regressing on free trade.
France Ô

Vanishing Homeland in the Bayous

Trailer for 52' documentary about the Native American tribe on the Isle de Jean Charles in the Mississippi Delta, which has lost 90% of its land to sea-level rise. In 2016, the tribe became the first official climate refugees in the US after the federal government announced it would fund its resettlement to higher grounds. Film airs on France Ô and TG4 in October 2017, and at Oceanopolis and Hugo festivals 2017. Written by Jean Pascal Bublex, produced and researched by Paula Dupraz-Dobias

Mar-a-Lago’s Swiss real estate mogul

A controversial Swiss property developer is one of the newest members of US President Donald Trump’s exclusive Mar-a-Lago club. Urs Ledermann is a self-made entrepreneur from a Zurich suburb known for helping a city neighbourhood go upscale. Homeowners have criticised his business tactics, saying they were pressured to sell their properties to his growing firm, while the press has closely followed his rise in the business world. Now, Ledermann and his wife have gained access to Donald Trump’s Florida compoundexternal link also known as the “Winter White House”.
Chemical & Engineering News

U.S. immigration ban could lead affected chemists to Europe

Although many scientists oppose a presidential order banning nationals from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S., chemists from those nations could head to Europe or elsewhere in the industrialized world. David Black, secretary general of the International Council of Scientists, says chemists from affected nations “may seek to go to other developed countries” to pursue their work.

The power of nudging

Gently swaying people to act differently is a trick long known to advertisers. Several initiatives have proven its benefits for implementation of private and public policy. A nudge is a gentle push – sometimes so subtle that the person being nudged is not even aware of it. The practice gained academic respectability in 2008 when University of Chicago professors Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein published Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth, and Happiness. Since then, dedicated teams
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